Holton Main Street, Inc.
104 W. 5th Street
PO Box 215
Holton, KS 66436
Holton Main Street
About Us
Holton Main Street is comprised of a Board of Directors and four committees: Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring.

Board of Directors:

Lynne Mulroy, President
Carolyn Koger,  Vice-President
Lois Pelton, Secretary
Brenda Adkins, Treasure

Roger Hower
Sherry Ireland
Jana Lutz
Susan Mencl
Vicki Pruett
Gus Suarez
Executive Director- Bob Carlson, CPIM

Organization Committee:
Cindy Hower, Chairperson
Brenda Adkins, Sheryl Callison, Tom Davies, Dyana Morgan, Gloria Stavropoulos, Twila White, Anna Wilhelm

Promotion Committee:
Carolyn Koger, Chairperson
Rogette Branam, Abra Dell, Dan Donaldson, Sherry Ireland, Dyana Morgan, Lori Pritchett, Vicki Pruett, Stacey Wyant, Emily Beahm

Design Committee:Jana Lutz & Nikki Rash, Co-Chairpersons
Lynne Mulroy, Susan Mulroy, Susan Mencl, Amy Lutz-Page, Carol Keehn, Vicki Pruett, Stacey Wyant

Economic Restructuring Committee:
Roger Hower, acting Chairperson
Brenda Adkins, Dan Brenner, Sheryl Callison, Carole Danner, Ken Glennon, Ron Marshall, Gus Suarez

A show of community-wide support was essential towards acceptance in this elite program. Thank you for your support!  If you would like to join Holton Main Street's effort, please contact:
Executive Director, Bob Carlson
E-mail: director@holtonmainstreet.org
Phone number: 785-305-0633


Lynne Mulroy, President
Office: 785-364-4562
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